Leonflix 0.4

Removes ads from online videos and streams them
0.4.7 (See all)
Browse the Interner and find the videos uploaded to streaming or other media platforms and view them in the program featuring multiple filters for removing ads. Search by name is possible along with genre, category and other parameters of the desired media.

Leonflix is a search tool for movies and TV shows. It scrapes video/file hosting websites and has the ability to stream the videos hosted on those sites.
Every time a video changes hands, from the host to the Putlocker-esque site that shows it, more ads are added. By the time it gets to the viewer, the content has been "stepped on" so many times that it is nearly unwatchable. Leonflix's novelty is that it extracts only the desired content that these sites provide, giving it an "acetone wash" that filters out all the adware and pop-ups that have been cut into the product.

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