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Removes ads from online videos and streams them
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Browse the Interner and find the videos uploaded to streaming or other media platforms and view them in the program featuring multiple filters for removing ads. Search by name is possible along with genre, category and other parameters of the desired media.

Leonflix helps you find and stream media from a variety of sources. It does so by scraping different sites in which this type of content can be generally found. The tool has a modular structure, so it serves not only for watching the latest movies but also getting educational content from prestigious universities.

The program has a beautiful interface. You will see that some contents are readily accessible from the main screen. However, it is possible to conduct a search based on a combination of keywords, content type, genre and year. There is also the possibility to directly add a torrent file or a magnet link. For the material chosen, you get brief info. Let us suppose it is a movie, in such case the tool will show the title, a synopsis, date, duration and genre.

Good news is that there is a built-in player, which has everything you need for watching the clips. Since Leonflix gets content from different sources, you may need to manually change to an alternative source when the download speed is too low, for instance. Good news is that the resulting video is free from bothering ads.

I must alert you there is a huge controversy around copyright issues. In this regard, Leonflix developers claim that the tool does not host any copyrighted materials on their servers and that, instead, they provide a service to help you find relevant content. However, it would be good if it could alert the user when a given material is being streamed illegally.

All in all, Leonflix has not even reached version 1.0, which means it still buggy. Besides, modules, one of its most acclaimed features, are still under development. In this respect, the makers of Leonflix have said they intend to let anyone create their own modules. So, although there are better alternatives right now, Leonflix is a product that deserves keeping an eye on. Fortunately, it is absolutely free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Finds media in multiple sources
  • Supports modules
  • Does not play ads
  • Built-in player
  • Supports downloading torrents


  • May contain bugs
  • Does not alert you when streaming copyrighted materials
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